Hi there, 👋

my name is Jonas. I’m studying computer science at a German university, work for Adobe in the Lightroom iOS department and maintain/contribute to open source projects in my spare time. My most popular projects include

You can find more on my GitHub page.

Pronouns: he/any 1

This site

I use this small blog to share guides and other things that might be useful to someone or write about things that interest me. The posts mainly focus on software, technology and projects of mine.

My own content hosted on this domain is – if not stated otherwise – licensed under CC BY 4.0.

The site uses Hugo and the theme is based on Hello Friend NG.

Other blogs

I host a couple of blogs for my friends, including:

  1. I’m used to he/him, but I don’t care tbh. Most neo-pronouns are not very practical though - at least in my opinion. ↩︎