If you’re seeing error signs and pink/black squares while playing on a Garry’s Mod server you may be missing the required textures. Many maps designed for Garry’s Mod are based on textures from Counter Strike: Source. Either buy, install and enable CS:S or follow the guide below to install the missing textures.

Install Textures

  1. Download css_content.zip
  2. Extract the zip file
  3. Open the Garry’s Mod addons folder:
    1. Open Steam and navigate to “Library”
    2. Right click on “Garry’s Mod”, click on “Properties”
    3. Navigate to “Local Files”, click on “Browse Local Files”
    4. Now a file explorer should open up
    5. Enter the garrysmod folder, then open the addons folder inside that
  4. Move the CSS Content folder (from step 2) to the addons folder
  5. Now relaunch Garry’s Mod and the textures should be fixed

Credit for creating the CSS Content addon goes to Kajar9. His original files and tutorials are available here.